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  • ArianaGrandeForever

    Hey Lizanators!

    Recently, I adopted this wiki and recieved admin and b-crat rights.

    Ever since I got here, there were not much users who joined.

    This wiki also needs ALOT of help, so I'm now going to consider promoting admins!

    • Have at least 25 positive edits
    • Be friendly and nice
    • Create at least 2 pages
    • Invite some users to this site

    When you achieved all that, you can become an admin! Just ask me on my message wall if you want to become one.


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  • ArianaGrandeForever

    Hey! I've asked the Wikia Staff if I could adopt this wiki. I hope you all agree that I am adopting it. If you have anything to say about my adoption request, just comment down below.



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