aka tyler

  • I live in on glee land
  • My occupation is dancer, gleek, student
  • I am female
  • Gleekforever1018


    July 6, 2013 by Gleekforever1018

    I would to be an admin, it would be my dream come true on this wiki.

    Mainly because I idolize her so much and she my fave actress after Jenna Ushkowitz ( tina from glee)

    I'm working on my editing and things like that so please give me a chance and I come on the wiki everyday so hopefully that won't change

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  • Gleekforever1018

    My dream

    July 6, 2013 by Gleekforever1018

    I love to sing, the only probelm is that I have major stage fright and I forget the words and everything. I  can't even hit the high notes.

    Any tips for me

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  • Gleekforever1018


    Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:

    These are the way you can contact her

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  • Gleekforever1018

    Ok we all know that she sings covers on her youtube channel.

    Why don't you all check them out so far the covers that i've descovered are

    1. you & I
    2. Somewhere only we know
    3. Fast car
    4. Jelous guy

    And mostly more that IDK about so check them out

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  • Gleekforever1018

    As we all know Victorious is over :(

    The final episode was Victor-yes and I'm in Australia so I havn't seen it yet.

    I knoiw that it's over but here are some things to do to keep your mind off the fact that it is.

    1. have a marthon
    2. watch other moves that they star in
    3. make up a dance to any of their songs
    4. Do a-z improv :)
    5. Act out a fave sence
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